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Membership of the Edinburgh Magic Circle

1. Approach/Apply

·           Interested Parties (IP) wishing to join the EMC will be sent a petition form by EMC Secretary or download form from website.

·           On completion/return the Committee will review.

·           If accepted by Committee a Mentor* will be assigned to IP.

·           EMC membership will be notified of Proposed New Member (PNM).

·           Members will be asked if there are any objections**.

·           If no objections** PNM will be invited to attend 2 meetings after petition has been proposed and seconded.

·           During each meeting the Mentor will sit with PNM during business meeting and counsel – covering the do’s and don’ts of audition etc.

·           Mentors will set PNMs expectations to what is expected.

·           If mentor is not available suitable stand-in (committee member) should be found.

·           After 2 meetings the Mentor will present to committee/members (at the next available meeting) their decision to whether IP is ready to audition and whether suitable/unsuitable as a result of informal interview.

·           During this presentation Member’s objections** may be raised.

·           The Committee/Members decision will be passed on to PNM via Mentor.

·           If extra mentoring is required this will be undertaken outwith EMC meetings, and then when/if ready Mentor will again make presentation to committee/members

·           There will be no Fast Track!

2. Audition

Option A – open audition before business meeting

·           Auditions will be held before the business mtg.

·           The audition will be held in front of the committee. Members will have an open invitaion to attend if they wish.

·           The PNMs Mentor will be present during the audition if not a member of the committee.

·           Those attending the audition will have the opportunity to discuss/voice concerns or objections after the audition.

·           The committee (and members present) will vote after the audition and in writing notify the PNM of their decision.

·           Members will be notified at the business meeting following the audition.

·           If not able to hold before business mtg, hold after (as we have it just now)

·           During the audition members should act in a dignified manner


Option B – open audition after business meeting

·           Provisions are required for auditions that fall before a Circle recess.

** The Circle decides to postpone the audition to the next convenient meeting.

** The Circle decides to agree to vote on the same night as the audition. This decision needs to be made by a core of 3 committee members, and under unusual circumstances can be decided on the day of the audition.

·           The PNM is expected to show a high degree of originality, skill and presentation. Technical skill is appreciated but not a necessary requirement.

·           PNM should understand that the presentation should not cause undue offence to any audience whatsoever.

·           The audition should ideally be about 10mins long, although PNM will not be penalised if running slightly over this time.

·           The audition should if effect-based contain a suggested 3–4 effects.

·           PNM will be judged on skill/knowledge, originality and presentation.

·           Members with any objections** after the audition should log these with the Secretary before the next meeting, preferably in writing.

·           Only those attending the audition have a vote.

·           During the audition members should act in a dignified manner


3. Accept

·           Before voting takes place any objections** raised shall be discussed with members.

·           Only objections** raised before the vote will be discussed.

·           Any objections raised after the vote will not be discussed.

·           As per constitution two or more members objecting on non-magical grounds and the application will be discussed/rejected.

·           The first vote will be for ‘Full Membership’, the second vote ‘Associate Membership’. [see constitution for conditions]



The Mentor should be a committee member where possible. If the PNMs genre does not allow for committee to providentially guide PNM a suitable Mentor should be approached and assigned from within the Membership.



- noun

1.         a reason or argument offered in disagreement, opposition, refusal, or disapproval.

2.         the act of objecting.

3.         a ground or cause for objecting.

4.         a feeling of disapproval, dislike, or disagreement.



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