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Introducing Cameron Gibson our youngest member

I, like most people, loved magic as a child. I have always loved it more than most people but just over 3 years ago i decided to delve slightly deeper into the art. I started teaching myself simple tricks with a pack of cards and small objects. I spent my first amount of money little over a year and a half ago at Tam Shepard’s in Glasgow where I bought the ‘mirage deck’ after being captivated by Roy Walton’s performance of it right there in front of me. I since started to buy the odd bit of magic or the odd DVD and started practising in my spare time.

At the start of 2012, after some years of enjoying practising and performing magic on my own I decided to contact the Edinburgh Magic Circle and ask if I could get involved with the people that shared my love for magic. They kindly allowed me to attend a few meetings to get a feel for what the circle was all about. The first meeting I attended was one of the most exciting experiences I have had to date. I witnessed skilful professionals and hobbyists alike perform tricks and everyone else give constructive criticism and helping each other to better themselves at the art. Everyone was very welcoming towards me and the atmosphere was very pleasant.

After 2 or so meetings I was invited to take my audition. This was the scariest performance I have ever had to do! Looking in retrospect, I was focusing far too hard on working out how to fool the audience (something which I had never really had to consider before) rather than on enjoying the performance. My routine ran very short as I had forgotten parts or skipped around parts due to my nerves of performing in front of this particular audience.

I got through my auditioning routine and left the meeting to await the decision as to whether I had done enough to be granted membership. I didn’t make it more than 200m out the door before getting a phone call asking me to come back in. It was then announced that I had been successful in gaining a full membership to the Edinburgh Magic Circle and was sworn in there and then! My first few months with the Edinburgh Magic Circle has been an amazing experience and I am sure that the future will be just as exciting. I would like to thank the entire Circle for being so welcoming and helpful towards me so far.

Cameron Gibson

Newest, Youngest and Proudest member of the Edinburgh Magic Circle!



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Edinburgh Magic Circle meet at The Watsonian Club, Pavilion, 79 Myreside Road, Edinburgh. Please email for information on next meeting.


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